TechnologyBattery Safety


A risk of unexpected environmental conditions or defaults can create an accidental or uncontrolled energy release. GRST puts an great effort to improve the overall battery safety to a higher level, through battery material modifications and structural design.

    – Advanced cathode materials with higher thermal stability
    – Advanced separator with higher heat-resistant temperature over 250°C (vs. conventional PP and PE separators: 120-140°C).


Significantly improving the battery safety through material and structural design

Nail Penetration Test

GRST Battery

Conventional Battery

For mining applications, we further improve the battery safety through advanced material technology.

10V Overcharging

GRST Battery

Conventional Battery


Nail Penetration Test in Different Charging State

SoC: 100%

SoC: 105%

SoC: 110%


GRST lithium-ion battery shows excellent stability in the nail penetration test,
even in the overcharging state (SoC: 110%), no fire or explosion.