Innovative Li-ion manufacturing and recycling technology
from GRST provides pathways to organize industrial processes
in ways that save our environment, use resources more responsibly,
reduce energy and cost.


Environmental Benefits


Low Energy Consumption

• Lower electrode drying temperature

• Solvent recovery system
(Not Required)

• Reduction of humidity control space

• Recycling – Water-based direct physical separation process


No Toxic Solvents

• No NMP, organic solvent-free

• No toxic solvent emission
in the process


Low Carbon Footprint

• Reduction from energy savings

• Reduction from NMP organic solvent-free process


Closed-Loop Process

• Sustainable circular ecology for battery materials


Economic Benefits


Cost Saving

• Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX


Revenue Boost

• Direct recovery of virgin materials (maximizing their values) from recycling

• High yield and purity of recovered materials from recycling


Free choice of Plant Location

• Green production and recycling

• Less energy intensive process

• No risk of high-temperature operation and highly corrosive chemicals


Social Benefits


Better Environment for Workers

• Eliminate the risk of organic solvent overexposure

• Eliminate the risk of high-temperature operation

• Eliminate the risk of highly corrosive chemicals


Safe for Communities & Consumers

• Decentralise cell disassembly

• Eliminate the risk of waste battery cell transportation

•Secure raw materials and stabilise battery cell prices


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