Steps Closer to Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is not optional -

Key Value Over WATMAR³

We depend on an intact environment. For this reason, carbon neutrality is essential for our core of technology development to achieve excellence in economic, social and ecological areas.

WATMAR³ Manufacturing

The production of the lithium-ion battery is the most decisive factor for the carbon footprint, from the upstream processes in the supply chain to the energy use in cell production. Factories use vast amounts of energy and often produce huge levels of greenhouse gas emissions.
With WATMAR³ Manufacturing Technology, there is great reduction potential in carbon footprint up to 42%.

WATMAR³ Recycling

Recycled materials typically have a lower carbon footprint than the same materials from virgin sources. However, at the moment, recycling lithium-ion batteries is long-winded and inefficient.

WATMAR³ Recycling Technology would help decrease the ecological footprint of disassembling these batteries and recovering these valuable materials by up to 80%.