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Make and recycle your batteries without costly high energy processes or toxic materials
WATMAR³ water-based manufacturing and recycling method is safer, modular, scalable, and easy to integrate. It lowers the cost of manufacturing and recycling so you enjoy higher yields.
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Batteries made using WATMAR³ can be recycled simply by using water and mechanical separation to dissolve cathode materials. Do away with conventional hydrometallurgical (acid) and pyrometallurgical (heat) recycling for good.
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Recycling benefits include:

  • Recovers all raw materials and components safely and quickly

  • Lowers cost of recycling by at least 10% vs Pyro and Hydro

  • Lowers greenhouse gases by 80% vs Pyro and 40% vs Hydro

  • Enhances recycling facility safety for workers

  • Enables location of recycling facility to be situated closer to collection sites

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No Trade-offs in Battery Performance

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WATMAR³ is Greener and Better Recycling



Order virgin raw materials once and re-use and recycle indefinitely with no compromise in battery performance



Eliminates 20% of the equipment needed in the recycling process, potentially saving 10% in total cost


Energy needs

Eliminates the need for high temperatures in extracting materials, saving you up to 50% in energy cost



Require a smaller machinery footprint and processing space. Also results in less contamination and clean-up of recycling sites

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Easy and low cost to integrate into your production

Apply WATMAR³ patented technology to your existing lithium-ion battery production lines or establish new factory lines.

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Go greener, safer, and more profitable. WATMAR³ reduces hazardous materials handling and energy requirements during manufacturing by replacing toxic NMP organic solvent with water and PVdF with a water soluble binder.

The benefits to your production line include:

  • Lowers factory CAPEX by 15%

  • Lowers manufacturing OPEX by 10%

  • Lowers manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions by 40%

  • Enhances factory safety for workers and host community

  • Produces all types of LIB batteries with equal or superior performance.

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State of the Art  |  Water-based platform

WATMAR³ technology also supports next-generation cell technologies such as solid-state batteries, lithium metal anode, and other non-lithium-based batteries.


Our R&D team continues to explore advanced cathode and anode materials that will further enhance the energy density (Wh/kg) and power density (W/kg) of our battery cells, ensuring manufacturers enjoy an ever-improving battery output as you continue to work with us. 

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