Leveraging the natural power of water to reduce CO2 and harmful chemicals while powering the most effective battery recycling solution in the world

Our Belief

We should strive to coexist with nature

Water is sometimes dubbed the 'universal solvent' because of its wide ranging ability to dissolve more substances than any other liquid.

We’ve combined the best of engineering and nature, to develop a unique battery manufacturing process that utilizes water as a key ingredient in our technology solution. We offer the cleanest battery available for purchase today.

The world is electrifying at a rapid pace to stave off climate change. Electricity is 20% of our current energy mix and is projected to be 70% by 2050. Batteries are key to a carbon-free energy mix but the way we make them is problematic and unsustainable.

Critical metals and materials have to travel up to 80,000km to reach cell manufacturers. Cell production is highly energy intensive, involves toxic chemicals and a large percentage of valuable material is wasted.

Worse still, end of life batteries are difficult and costly to recycle, involving expensive logistics, chemical solvents and high amounts of energy.

Our hunger for batteries must not be paired with unsustainable production methods and supply chains

Our Problem

We need a better battery


Demand for lithium-ion batteries is projected to grow 700% by 2030 creating a lithium-ion recycling market worth $20B

7B tons CO2

Current battery manufacturing processes generate 25kg CO2/kWh

270 TWh

The World is estimated to need 270TWh of battery capacity to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050. It currently makes around 1 TWh per year.

The GRST difference: Green, Renewable and Sustainable

Our water-based production of lithium-ion batteries lowers costs and emissions, enhances recyclability and underpins a truly circular battery economy

Our water-based production method removes the need for toxic solvents and binders while significantly reducing energy usage.

Our technology and materials allow for easy recycling both at production and at end-of-life

Our water-based recycling process saves costs for battery manufacturers and recyclers while producing high performing batteries across the full spectrum of battery chemistries




Our Solution

Our partners

We are in commercial production and working with our partners to build a world powered by sustainable high performing batteries.

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Validation and joint research

We've been vetted by leading 3rd party battery experts and continue to work with leading experts in the field to push the boundaries of material science innovation


Geneva Innovations Grand Prix Winner 2019

We're honored to be recognised for our innovation and dedication and look forward to changing the world

Deloitte Rising Star 2017

The Earthshot Prize 2023 Winner

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