We're powering the growth of energy storage while mitigating environmental impact, cost and supply risk

To help humanity thrive by enabling energy storage to be built, used, and recycled seamlessly and with minimal harm



GRST will be a critical pillar of a sustainable world, becoming a ubiquitous solution that makes mass electrification possible in a post fossil fuel world


  1. Judgment: Make wise decisions despite ambiguity while always considering stakeholder impact and the long term benefit to the team

  2. Courage: Be decisive, take informed risks, and give and take feedback to improve communication

  3. Communication: Listen well and seek to understand before responding

  4. Innovation: Look to develop new impactful ideas while trying to reduce complexity

  5. Passion: Be excited about changing the world and being a part of a dream team

Justin Hung

Co-Founder & CEO

Bill Ho

Co-Founder & CTO

Rock Wang

Chief Commercial Officer

Michael Yap

Head of Business Development

Kevin Jiang

VP Engineering

Joe Law

General Counsel


A deep tech management team passionate about making our solution ubiquituous throughout the battery industry

Daniel Zhu

VP Products

Join the team that is disrupting the battery industry and changing the world for the better