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From consumer electronics to transportation through to utility energy storage, we offer the only easily recyclable battery on the planet.

Getting in front of regulation and public opinion

Positive change takes time. We believe that our technology will be the market standard for battery production in the years to come and that governments and markets will match progressive leaders like the EU and mandate a reduced carbon footprint, waste accountability and use of recycled materials.

Our batteries come paired with a proprietary battery passport, a nifty piece of blockchain technology that showcases our batteries green credentials and it's origin and lifecycle. Think of it like the ingredients and nutrition label for a more forward thinking battery consumer.

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The need

Consumers, businesses, and regulators are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of products, right from their origin to their end-of-life. With growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, it's crucial to provide clear insights into the environmental footprint of batteries.

How it works

Our Battery Passport is designed to provide complete transparency and traceability for our batteries. We've designed in line with upcoming EU regulatory standards and have an accompanying mobile app to give you full visibility on our battery origins and environmental impact.

Creation: Each battery passport is created at the battery manufacturing stage. It contains essential details about the battery's lifecycle, including the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, energy consumption, and in our case highlighting our ease of recyclability.

Transparency: Customers and partners can access the Blockchain Battery Passport through a QR code on the battery connected to a mobile app. It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the battery's origin, green credentials, and lifecycle.

Trust: With blockchain technology, every piece of data is tamper-proof and verified, ensuring you have reliable and accurate information about your battery.

Green Credentials: Showcasing the environmental benefits of our batteries through the passport reflects our commitment to sustainability and our confidence that we are an industry leader in green battery production and recycling. What's more we're planning to make our passport available to all OEMs so consumers will see the clear difference between GRST and the rest of pack and can their own informed choices.

Our batteries come with nutrition labels

Our blockchain powered battery passport