Battery recycling without the fuss

The current battery recycling paradigm is broken, we're here to fix it

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Green ecosystem

Our technology is underpinned by a fully water-based recycling and material separation process, allowing battery recycling to be strategically located to clusters of batteries such as urban areas. Expensive logistics and high energy costs make the current battery recycling untenable without government subsidies.

We will build a true circular supply chain for battery materials.

Unbeatable yields with no landfill waste

Leveraging our water-based recycling, we can swiftly produce high-quality black mass, resulting in both time and energy savings. Our involvement in manufacturing batteries ensures an impressive 99% valuable material recovery rate and peak operational efficiency. It ensures a swift precipitation of output products into cathode and anode material.

Evolve to battery recycling 2.0

Current recycling methods employ a brute force approach to material recovery a combination of one or more of mechanical shredding, hydrometallurgy (solvents and acid based separation) and Pyrometallurgy (extreme heat). We believe there is a better way. Our technology can:

  • Process batteries in under and 1 hour as opposed to up to 6 hours with traditional methods

  • Avoid significant carbon emissions from a reduction of energy use

  • Avoid toxic substances and significant wastewater treatment issues