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World’s First Lithium-ion Battery Giga-factory using Green Water-based Manufacturing & Recycling Technologies to be built in Jiashan, China

Hong Kong, June 16, 2021GRST, the company behind the world’s first high-performance water-based lithium-ion battery, has signed a strategic agreement on June 16, 2021, with the county government of Jiashan to build the world’s cleanest battery manufacturing plant, just 66km north of Shanghai, China. The factory will initially start rolling out lithium-ion batteries for electric two-wheelers, power tools, and energy storage systems (ESS) by the end of 2022 for OEM customers.

“All our products will feature GRST’s disruptive WATMAR³ technology, which allows us to bind our battery cell electrode components using water-soluble binders for easy recycling, without any compromise on performance. We will combine this with built-in integrated-circuit chips to control, monitor, and track battery condition and usage,” said Mr. Lewis Lo, President of GRST. “This gives end-users total control over their products’ lifespans and their individual carbon footprints. Consumers can now recycle up to 99% of their used batteries’ components with an economically viable, environmentally-friendly water-based solution.

”The WATMAR³ water-based industrial processes for GRST’s batteries reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%, compared to conventional methods, and lower both CAPEX and OPEX for manufacturers and recyclers alike.

“Since all our batteries can have up to 99% of their components recycled, our products can be returned and regenerated multiple times. The massive growth in global battery usage is creating a growing carbon footprint. Making recycling easier and more profitable, using technologies such as GRST’s WATMAR³, will reduce e-waste and contribute to national goals of Net Zero Carbon emissions,” said Mr. Lo.

Located in Jiashan country in Zhejiang, the factory requires less area than traditional lithium-ion battery manufacturers because GRST’s processes are free of toxic organic solvent (NMP), which significantly reduces the need for related industrial equipment. Production at GRST’s factory will begin with an initial capacity of 0.5GWh within its first year. The plan is to grow to 15GWh by the end of 2028.

About GRST

GRST is a technology company with strong research capabilities in water-based manufacturing and recycling solutions of lithium-ion batteries. Our award-winning, patented WATMAR³ technology creates high-performance lithium-ion batteries at lower costs and lower GHG emissions. For more information, please visit