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香港科技公司GRST獲得威廉王子成立的「為地球奮鬥獎」! GRST CEO Justin Hung以及CFO Frank Harley示範如何使用更環保、更安全、更便宜的方式回收鋰電池。請瀏覽我們的專訪文章!了解更多關於GRST的故事!

“From now to net zero in 2050, we need to produce 100 times more the batteries of the total produced since 1991 up to now. If batteries are going to be produced in the same old way, there will be a big problem,” said Justin Hung, CEO of GRST, a Hong Kong-based lithium-ion battery technology company. He is also the winner of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize – Clean Our Air.

This episode of Fancy a Cuppa features Justin Hung and the CFO of GRST, Frank Harley. In our meeting with these two trailblazers, they set up a simple demonstration showing us the power of their technology how we can recycle lithium-ion batteries in a cleaner, safer and cheaper way.

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About GRST

GRST is a technology company with strong research capabilities in water-based manufacturing and recycling solutions of lithium-ion batteries. Our award-winning, patented WATMAR³ technology creates high-performance lithium-ion batteries at lower costs and lower GHG emissions. For more information, please visit

J: I was surprised when I got the call. There were 1,300 nominations. The chance of winning was very remote. The ceremony was much bigger than I had thought. This year they took all the finalists into one
place. We did not only have the ceremony, we also had a retreat. These made the events even more interesting.

F: It was so binding because everyone there has been in their own area fighting a good fight, but not having a good chance to share with other people all the challenges and a bit of vulnerabilities. They are all
leaders and founders. We were in a room of like-minded people who felt comfortable to share where we need help and everyone was keen to help.

Q1. How did you feel about winning the Earthshot Prize? How was your experience at the ceremony?

Q2. How can the Earthshot Prize help you and what does it mean to you?

F: It helps raise awareness among consumers of batteries about the issues with battery production, that batteries should be made from low carbon emission and made for recycling. This is not a commonly known thing. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of consumers of batteries so they know there is a supplier out there. I think the Earthshot network is perfect for this because they have just the right balance of celebrity reach and passionate knowledge that they can share these topics.

J: I think people are not aware that batteries can be manufactured more responsibly. Right now the current manufacturers are not putting that as a priority. They are putting performance and cost as
priority. They put sustainability last or even not considering that. So what we are trying to do is to bring sustainability to the same level as performance. We are trying to tell the public there is a way to do that.

Q3. Do you have any words for other people who are also working in green technology or finding solutions to make our Earth cleaner and safer?

J: We started from having only two chairs in our company to a team of 250 people now. I would not have imagined we could get this far, to be honest. Just take it step by step. I think the key is to be
persistent. Don’t give up. You will have a lot of problems no matter what you do. The easiest way is to give up and do something else. What makes us survive till today is that we just never give up. We
continue expanding the team and finding money to protect the team.