Integrate a cleaner, cheaper manufacturing solution into your existing factory in just months
When it comes to greenhouse gases, utility consumption, machinery complexity, and use of space, WATMAR³ technology offers the cleanest and most efficient battery solution.
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Strengthen Your ESG 
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By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing worker and community safety, WATMAR³ strengthens your ESG and improves your access to ESG financing and facility sites that are closer to your markets. 

 The additional benefits to your ESG credentials include:

  • Reduced reliance on raw material mining

  • Decarbonised and localised supply chain

  • Closed-loop manufacturing and recycling

  • End-to-end ESG compliance through own recycling 

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Certified and Ready

Electric Vehicles
Marine Products
Consumer Electronics
Industrial Battery Products

Certificated  EV-grade battery for products such as electric cars, vans, two-wheelers, buses, scooters, etc.

Certificate for marine battery products from China Classification Society (CCS)

Certificated for consumer electronics battery for products such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, power bank.

Certificated for industrial-use power stations. supplying energy for mining and construction activity

  • MT/T 1051-2007

  • GB/T 31486-2015

  • GB/T 31484-2015

  • GB/T 31485-2015

  • IEC 62133-2:2017

  • GB31241-2014

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Case Studies

Implementation of GRST Battery Products


Implementation of GRST Battery Products

13-18kWh WATMAR³ Battery Storage for Solar Powered Electric Appliance

Industrial Automaker with more 126 years of history

18kWh WATMAR³ Energy Storage System for e-boat


Leading green mobility company in East Asia

58kWh WATMAR³ Battery for Electric Minibus with Fast Charging

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The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong

UPS Battery Replacement for Building and Traffic Light